THE DAY 1. EXPERIENCE IS on hiatus until fall, but the "end your overthinking course" will be available this Fall!


My biggest skill is taking stagnant humans in analysis paralysis, who haven't made any motion in years or decades, and helping them get into motion.

These are people who "just can't make themselves do it," or are constantly overwhelmed, unsure, feeling less, feeling bombarded, overthinking, always struggling... Those are my people.

Now, yes, I also attract people who desire physical changes because I have photos like this:

Yet that photo still really boils down to "lack of motivation," "analysis paralysis," stagnancy, being stuck in habits that don't serve.

The Day 1. Experience is on hiatus, but after a year of spending EVERY DAY with a group of humans who have trouble doing things like:

  • getting into motion,
  • balancing their energy,
  • knowing when to rest and when to "push,"
  • Overthinking every last fucking thing

I created a course to really re-wire those Western brains and make all of that easier.

  • Do you give up on things you want to start doing after ten days?
  • Are you an "all-or-nothing person?"
  • Are you a constant perfectionist?
  • Do you have an internal narrative that can't understand why you all of a sudden have trouble making any motion at ALL?
  • Do you avoid?
  • Not show up?
  • Tell stories that you just don't have enough (insert something: education? Motivation? Desire? Drive? Money?)

This course is a solution to that. It works by bringing you out of your messy mind and into the present moment.

You might be waiting for some grand epiphany for when there will be this massive release and everything will change for you! That actually doesn't exist.
This course directly rewires the way Western society programmed you to think so that you can move past constant avoidance and upset.

The course teaches you how to let go of your attachment to outcome, how to create your life with language, what it means to live intentionally, how to channel and balance your energies, negating perfectionism and the "one big effort" and expanding your vessel.

"I have analysis paralysis! Is the course for me?

This is for you if:

  • You want to change so badly that any discomfort related to change cannot be worse than how you currently feel
  • You believe that if someone else can change, then you can too
  • You believe you are an intelligent person
  • You are open to exploring new ideas that will rewire and inspire you

This is not for you if:

  • You're not ready to take full responsibility for your own life
  • You're not open to challenge your own story

I invite you to get on the waitlist. The course opens soon!

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